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All Hidden Oaks homeowner board meetings are held on the third Thursday of the month at 6:00pm. PLEASE NOTE, MEETING LOCATION HAS CHANGED TO SCOTTS VALLEY WATER DISTRICT

December 15 2016
January 19 2017
February 16 2017
March 16 2017
April 20 2017
May 18 2017
June 15 2017
July 20 2017
August 17 2017
September 21 2017
October 19 2017
November 16 2017
December 21 2017


Mission Statement

    As residents of the Hidden Oaks Condominium Association, our purpose is to identify to the best of our abilities any potential hazards, and also survey current landscaping to keep our neighborhood beautiful and safe.
    We will suggest to the Board any maintenance or new installation we feel is either necessary or simply desired by our neighbors.
    To achieve this, we will, as a group, tour the property on a monthly basis, and identify the most urgent items, and keep a running list of future beautification items.
    We will report our findings to both the board and Stacy Austin, our property manager, and, when appropriate, obtain quotes from our vendors.
    If budget allows to begin beautification of any non-urgent matters, we will then choose items and suggest to the Board to proceed, rotating phases for each project to be fair to the entire complex.


Roxanne Dwyer 3
Cynthia Mitchell 2
Annie Neely 5


This section will be updated as new projects arise.


Gabrielle Brick 1 President
Demetrios Mavrikis 5 Treasurer
Annie Neely 5 Secretary
Errol Price 3 Director
Stacy Austin N/A Managing Agent